January 1, 2022

Pure Carbon Publishing Releases Dr. Judyth Shamosh’s The Physics & Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine

Early on in her medical career, Dr. Judyth Shamosh recognized the brilliance of Eastern herbal medicine, particularly as practiced within Ayurveda and Chinese modalities. Indeed, if a medical system has lasted as long as Eastern medicine, it’s because it continues to offer significant benefits that work effectively to heal.

In The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine, Dr. Shamosh explains how Eastern medicine is founded on “systems thinking.” Rather than relying solely on the knowledge and data associated with linear thinking, a systems-physician problem-solves by understanding the complex interrelationships, interdependence, and functions of organ-systems, as well environmental influences. The patient’s participation becomes integral to the healing process.           

As she explores system thinking, Dr. Shamosh delves into the parallels between modern physics and poetry. Science is more than hard facts. It is creative and reflective of everyday experiences, in the same vein as poetry. Yin, Yang, Qi, The Five Phases, Six Tastes, Eight Principles, Four Observations, Four Doshas, and Tongue and Pulse Assessment all inform systems-practitioners and enable them to treat the root-cause of conditions and avoid treating symptoms.

With its incredible explanations, The Physics and Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine is destined to become a must-have for the lay person interested in gaining insight into personal health, as well as for the medical professional whose goal is to help the whole patient heal while doing no harm

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Praise for The Physics & Poetry of Eastern Herbal Medicine

“Ayurveda is just not a medical system of healing but also a way of life, the deeper we get to know and there is more thirst to learn and feel it more. This book has given me a craving for more . Reaching the end, one feels—O! my heart wants more and more of this to evolve and get more close to the universe. Dr Shamosh, has beautifully related the Physics principles with Ayurveda and has helped good Ayurvedic Vaidyas like me to prove to the world that Ayurveda is a science and not just a myth as many say so. Really reading this book was a pleasure and I am sure that generations to come will cherish this wonderful writing and will be happy to learn Ayurveda in a more scientific manner.” 

                                                                 Vikram Chauhan, Planet Ayurveda, India 

 “Truth is knowledge of things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come.” (DC 93:24).  If we are to improve the practice of medicine, we must gather the truth wherever it can be found. I am grateful for Dr Judyth’s efforts in sharing the wisdom gained of her herbal practice and sharing the many truths and harmonies between eastern and western herbal traditions. Western medicine needs more “yin” rescue and Dr. Judyth valiantly succeeds in bringing valuable knowledge and truth to the forefront.  Clinicians of all types will find it a valuable resource to consult in helping individualize therapy. One must first understand the patient to understand what remedy to give. In this book, Dr. Judyth shares the systems that can be used to succeed in understanding the patient and selecting the right remedy.”

                                                            —Scott Jensen, M.D., Jensen Family Wellness