May 5, 2022

Pure Carbon Publishing Partners with Tree Nation to Offset Carbon Footprint

Pure Carbon Publishing, the valley’s newest trade publisher with national and international distribution partners with global nonprofit organization Tree Nation to offset carbon footprint and commit to reforestation of our planets critical resources.

Pure Carbon Publishing’s brand focus is to provide “Fundamental Knowledge for Innovative People™”offering titles in business, psychology, health and wellness, and personal growth.

Book manufacturing and distribution is a complex, elaborate process. And Pure Carbon Publishing is well aware of the carbon footprint of the publishing industry, the impact we have on the environment, and what this means for the global community.

“We’ve decided to partner with Tree Nation,” owner Kelly Lydick states, “because we feel aligned to their values and commitment to global reforestation in critical-need environments.

With Tree Nation, we can actively choose which locations and tree species we are replenishing and in what volume. We can track our progress, see our lifetime contributions, and make donations at any time throughout the year.”

Pure Carbon is thrilled to partner with Tree Nation and is committed to quarterly carbon emissions offsetting with tree planting and a pledge for a zero emissions website. Tree Nation, with offices in Spain and Belgium, boasts 94 reforestation projects on 6 continents, nearly 1,000 company partnerships, and more than 20 million trees planted to date.

Those interested can learn more and track Pure Carbon’s carbon footprint offsets and our tree planting contributions through our company profile.

Pure Carbon Publishing is proud to kick off this important contribution with 11 trees planted so far!