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Publicity Inquiries

For all publicity inquiries, or to contact one of our authors, please send an email to: publicity (at)


We have an open submissions policy at Pure Carbon Publishing, and we also accept agented manuscripts. Due to the high volume of submissions received we cannot reply to all unsolicited submissions. If we are interested in your manuscript you will be contacted within 4-6 weeks.

Special Call for Submissions

Entrepreneurs who have been in business at least 5 years are welcome to submit their narratives about the most important entrepreneurial lessons they have learned while in business for an upcoming anthology for entrepreneurs.

First time authors welcome, all industries and ideas will be considered.

Please use the Submissions Guidelines outlined below in order to be considered. Submissions should not exceed 7,500 words in length.

Submission Guidelines

We accept high-quality submissions for nonfiction books in business, psychology, personal growth, and health and wellness. We also accept proposals for books in these categories. Please query us first regarding your thought-provoking fiction manuscript.

For Completed Manuscripts:

All submissions should be set in Times New Roman font at 12 pt. Please set spacing to 1.5.

Please include a title page that includes complete contact information, and be sure pages are numbered.

Include the page count and word count, and book category/genre on the title page.

File format should be in MS Word or PDF only and included as an attachment.

Please include an author biography, list of previously published books and articles, and links to the author website and social media on the last page of the manuscript.

For Proposals:

Be sure your proposal adheres to all the above guidelines for completed manuscripts.

Include a comparative analysis, marketing plan, and details about your existing author platform.

Provide a projected date for manuscript delivery.

Send to: purecarbonpublishing (at) gmail (dot) com.